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May 2017

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Perks of Pagiging Buntis

May 3, 2017

On my 31st weeks of pregnancy and I could say that I’m enjoying the privelege of being pregnant , haha 😀 Ano-ano ito? Eto basahin nyo : No more flat Boobies – No one would deny this and yes! sa wakas, hindi na sya parang raisins na nakapatong sa dibdib mo. You would feel that your bra’s no longer fits on you. Yung feeling na hindi kana makahinga kasi yung size ng bra mo is sikip na sayo. Well,  one…

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Life Love

Praning Lang

May 1, 2017

Thinking why the title of this post is Praning Lang? Being a soon to be Mom, never in my weirdest idea that I would feel this. Well, praning naman talaga ko, but this time on the highest level. This time, you would no longer thinking about yourself – EXCEPT when you feel like you’re UGLY (all mommies can relate on this). Other than that nothing else matter but  the BABY inside your womb. My Mom is taking care of me.…

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