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Praning Lang

May 1, 2017

Thinking why the title of this post is Praning Lang?

Being a soon to be Mom, never in my weirdest idea that I would feel this. Well, praning naman talaga ko, but this time on the highest level.

This time, you would no longer thinking about yourself – EXCEPT when you feel like you’re UGLY (all mommies can relate on this). Other than that nothing else matter but  the BABY inside your womb.

My Mom is taking care of me. We’re totally opposite, she’s friendly and easy to mingle with other people. I , on the otherhand is not like that. Being in a new place where we didn’t know anyone, I don’t want to trust around me specially that I’m pregnant.

We’re staying in a condo, and no we’re not rich. Its just that we have decided to choose this for convenience as this is very near to my workplace. Moving forward, my Mom as usual has got lots of friends, and what I don’t like is she tells everything from root to leaves of the tree. I don’t want this, as I’m afraid, they would knock on our door and something bad might happen- Praning Lang!

There were times, or I must say lots of times when we’re having an argument on not to tell everything on people who she will get along with unless they really know each other. I would always tell to her that this is not Batangas (my hometown). In return, ofcourse she’s the mother, that I should not think that all people will do anything against me – Praning Lang.

This feeling, I don’t know where it comes from. But I think eto na yung start ng pagiging isa kong Ina. This might make me vulnerable for others but I would treat this as my defense for my son.

I’m Praning – yes.  I’m like a vulnerable soldier protecting my own little Prince. And like every Mom would tell, “I will do everything to take care and protect my Baby” – Proud Mom to Be 🙂


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