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Realization in time of Covid-19

April 2, 2020

Got no plan in writing to my blog just yet. And then for the past few days, realization strikes me a lot. This pandemic, didn’t happen accidentally. It happens for a reason.

Almost three weeks ago, I got a fever and body ache and I thought it was because of the Covid. I was feeling fine the day before that. And suddenly, fever striked me. I’m already working from home during that time and I cannot focus.

I was scared and called my mom that I have this fever, so she rushed from Batangas to Manila – a three hour drive to get my son. As much as I don’t want to be far away him, I had to agree because I might infect him.

There was a plan for lockdown that time and my chance to get back home is really small given that I’m sick that I had to quaranine myself.

Thank God, it’s just a one day fever just like what I’m having before. Maybe its just a fatigue or so. But Thank God, I’m fine. But still, I can’t go to Batangas because I decided to quarantine myself just in case.

Today, April 2, nothing has happened and I’m fine. But throughout the week I realize these things:

1.Everyone is Fair
   Either you’re rich or poor,has a power or not,living in mansion or streets,milions in banks or empty handed,famous or ordinary. We are all in the same level of situation. Not knowing if we’re gonna live long enough. And one thing scares us all – its something that we cannot see. Terrible right? 
    But isn’t this a way that God sees us? We are all fair in His eyes. He treats us the same. So for those who’s questioning HIM, why you guys are suffering. This is the answer! 

2.Don’t take advantage.
  What you are doing?Can you party? Can you eat at your favorite restaurants? Can you drive your sports car? Can you travel?
    The answer is NO. Now we  can see the level of freedom we have and then its gone in just one snap. And now, you would see that you’re neglecting the best part of your life which is to stay home and relax. To find your peace, to just stay with your family. 
    If this didn’t happen, would you enjoy your crazy siblings? Home-cooked food of your Mum? Watch tv with your family. In a simple as that, to be with them.

3.You are wealthiest people on earth!
Why? Because you have shelter to live.You’ve got soft bed to lie on. You’ve got servings of food – breakfast,lunch,dinner and in between snacks and meriendas. Others? Think of it. Think of those who rely their everyday living in the streets. Do you wonder where they are?Do you wonder where will they get their food? Do you wonder how unsafe they are? So yes, you are so far the wealthist people on earth.

4.There’s no 1st or 3rd World Country
Just finished watching one story in facebook, where nurse in US was called for her duty and then she got to the hospital with only on her own N95 Mask. Hospitals were not able to give protective suits to combat the patient with COVID. I’m here in Philippines.Government, actresses and even ordinary people were trying so hard to give suites to our frontliners. Tell me? Does being in a 1st world country makes you more safe? NO! They’ve got money but they still cannot protect their people.

5.Money and Power won’t save you!
 Not only ordinary people are being hit by COVID but also those who have powers and money that could pay everything just to make alive. Yes, you can give all the medicine. You can pay yourself a big room. You can pay yourself a good doctor. But all of that are nothing.Because money can’t extend your life in this pandemic.

6.You’ve got to see who truly the leader and who really cares!
Are you mad at yourself because you voted for him? Oh yes, you should! 

7.Nature is finally healing!
Writing this blog somehow makes me realize that those lives were exchange for the cruelty of what we did to the nature that we suppose to take care. Earth is finally healing! Sometimes, I really wish this stays long because we owe so much to our Mother Nature. But ofcourse I’ve got son who still wants to see the beauty of it. 

8. Finally, you cannot do anything! Stay at Home!
Unless, you are frontliners ofcourse! So please, instead of spreading negativity and crab mentality to those who are helping, just stop. You are not doing any help.

I cannot imagine I can write those things! Not really a good writer. But I felt I just had to write. I don’t know why. My blog isn’t famous. But in the future, for the reader that might pass by to my blog. I hope while you’re reading this,the pandemic has already ended. 


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